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House layout and health

Updated: May 25

Hi! Welcome to my blog.

Today, I am going to talk about house layout for different health conditions.

Number of storeys

When you build a house on a small lot, you will either have a small house or a house with multiple storeys.

Single floor or multiple storeys, this is an important consideration for some of us.

If the resident has any health condition, going up and down of staircases may not be a good idea.

It is a same situation for the seniors, having less number of stairs to go up and down is better for the joints.

For those who have impaired mobility, it is better to have a single level house.

If you are a young professional wanting to separate private areas and public area for guests naturally, then multiple storeys are a good choice.

For a family with toddlers, staircases can be the areas of danger due to the trip and fall hazard.

It is important to use a gate to block the staircases to prevent any injury.

Having multiple storeys allow more square footage for the house, but it is not for everybody.


When you consider buying or building a house, it is important to know how many rooms are needed for you.

Nowadays, people are working from their house, and if there are no extra room to be used as an office, it might become frustrating to find a space to work.

When you are thinking how many rooms you need, you have to think about storage room, office room, children's room, hobby/display room, guest room, and utility room.

It is important to think about where these room will be and the daily flow between rooms to rooms.

If you have a reptilian pet at home needing high humidity and moisture control, then having that room facing south side would be beneficial to keep that room warm.

Same for the health conditions, normal people benefit more from good sunlight and if you have any health condition then have the room facing south.

More sunlight allows natural air circulations.

Sometimes utility room can be located outside, making you to go out of house to check on furnace, hot water tank, or electric panels.

The benefit of a semi-detached utility room is if anything happen with the furnace, then toxic exhaustion will not come into the house.

Even if the furnace is in the house, usually the exhaust gases will not leak, but still there are chance.

If you want absolute separation for your health concern, then this is a consideration when buying or building a house.

Our health is influenced by where we live, and it can be improved by what we do.

These are informational purpose and should not be treated as legal, medical, or professional advices. Please ask your medical doctors or local experts about their advices.

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